Tips to purchase an best air purifier

Tips to purchase an best air purifier.

Intro: We all must have heard or read about air pollution issues in the news or while surfing through internet and may have neglected too over the years. As a matter of fact I did too, but after reading a research by WHO over the devastating effects of air pollution made me reconsider.

Tips to purchase an best air purifier

Air pollution is not much light topic as we consider it. Over the years it has been a major concern of premature deaths and has adversely affected the population of the whole world. Fro all aroune the world many health councils and Organizations such as WHO, itself has taken the initiative to make people aware of the affects and causes of air pollution.

Air pollution is referred to presence of outdoor pollutants in the air which disturbs the constituents naturally present in the air. These particles such as molds, bacteria, viruses, ground-level Ozone, carbon- monoxide etc. can adversely affect the health of a person, and no matter how healthy one look from outside but exposure to these pollutants can make a person very sick even can cause cancer.

Content: To tackle and to help people to save them from these severe conditions there are several air purifier companies in the market competing against each other to provide best and most efficient air purifiers to their customers. While surveying online we have came through several technologies which you must consider for your home to save yourself and your loved ones from the wrath of air pollution.

Tips to buy an best air purifier:

We are providing you few quick tips which you can review to help yourself while you are looking for an air purifier:

  • Purification Level:

    In the market there are basically there are two types of air purifier available: 1) Whole –house air purifier 2) Portable air purifier. As their name indicates they both operate at very different levels.

  1. Whole house air purifiers: These are very large in size and are installed to your central air duct systems. They cover very large area of your home as the air has to pass through them before entering the house and before entering air ducts, through which air further travel in your house.
  1. Portable air purifiers: As their name indicates they are very easy to carry and could be used to clean even large room but their efficiency lacks when it comes to cleaning the air of multiple rooms simultaneously.
  • Pollutant type:

    A simple HEPA purifier may seem efficient in cleaning the air thoroughly but may lag in removing the odor from the air. In the same way because of different technology every purifier may be efficient in providing you relief from a particular type of pollutant but may not able to eliminate several others. So before you go ahead and buy yourself and air purifier you must consider the health statements of your family members, because if you have any smoke in the house then simple activated carbon air purifier might do your job.

  • Multipurpose air purifier:

    There is still a chance that you might have already installed an air purifier in your house and you may not be aware of it. There are several air purifiers which come as an integral part of your heating and cooling systems. They are small but efficient enough to satisfy you in regards of air purification.


I know purchasing an air purifier could be very confusing and needs a lot of hard work, but believe me it is worth looking forward to. There could be allergens, molds or several other kind of bacteria present in your home environment at very present moment and it is your responsibility to save your loved ones from them. You can always go online to check out the review of your desired air purifier to gain knowledge about it before the actual purchase; after all, prevention is always better than cure.

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