Best air purifier technologies for smoke

Best air purifier technologies for smoke.

Air purifiers’ uses different type of technologies to clean indoor air. Some advanced air purifier uses multi stage air purification technologies to provide better and good quality air. With so many varieties and so many options to choose from consumer often get confused while selecting the best one for their house. The main reasons behind these wrong choices are due to no awareness of air purification technologies used in the best air purifier for smoke.

Best air purifier technologies for smoke

Different air purification technologies: Let us have look on types of air purifiers available on the market and by discussing their functionality, cons and pros of each of them.

  1. HEPA Filtration :


    HEPA is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air. This was developed inWWII as a war from to a respiratory problem for soldiers.

Pros of HEPA:

  • They have the compatibility to remove dust, pollen, mold spores, and allergens from the air.
  • it’s economical in removing most of the microorganism components from the air available.
  • They can eliminate almost every solid and harmful particle from the air very easily.
  • Eliminated solid particles, ne’er get combined back with air again.

Cons of HEPA:

  • It is not efficient enough to remove chemical fumes and cigarette smoke from the air.
  • it’s not abundant effective in removing the odor. They keep treed within the sorb space from the air.
  • No doubt these HEPA filter are compatible in separating bacteria from the air, but it is not effective even on the smallest type of viruses.
  • HEPA filters do not kill bacteria and virus.
  1. Adsorbent Purifiers:


    No, it is not absorbtion. Adsorption is very different from absorption. In process of adsorption particles get attached to the activated surface area of charcoal but did not adsorbing space. Adsorbent purifiers area unit quite common and
    over the years. These area unit the most cost effective and area unit usually thought-about settled down, once abolishing from the air. These are the cheapest and are often considered as the best purifiers for smoke particles in the air.

Pros of Adsorbent Purifiers:

  • Easy availability, component used in these air purifiers is activated carbon .
  • They are compatible enough in eliminating fumes, odors and cigarette smoke particles from the air.
  • These air purifiers does not release captured components back into the air.

Cons of Adsorbent Purifiers:

  • They are not efficient in eliminating dust and allergens from the air.
  • They cannot either trap or kill micro- organisms from the air.
  1. Ionic Filters:


    These are the most expensive filter out of all available filters, specialized to get relief from smoking odor and particles. These air purifiers generate ions (negatively charged particles) that attract positively charged airborne dust particles. These particles get attached to one another, forming a clump and later on these heavy charged particles tend to get settled down, after getting eliminated from the air.

Pros of Ionic Purifiers:

  • They are compatible enough in removing particles which are of very minute size i.e 0.01 microns.
  • It will with efficiency sterilize microorganism, eliminated from the air, smoke and other variety of toxic fumes.
  • Due to no requirement of fans for the purifier to work, it works very silently.

Cons of Ionic Purifiers:

  • The parts that get off from the air get settled down on the floor or rooms.
  • Produces Ozone gas as by product which might cause serious lung damage if inhaled directly.


With better understanding of various types of technologies which are used for air filtration, it would have made you easy to narrow down your list of air purifiers. Each and every technology is efficient in separate ways and implementation of several technologies on a single system has really helped the consumer to choose the best suitable purifiers as per their requirements. You must look out for air purifiers which comes as an integral part of your cooling and heating systems so that you do not have a to buy a separate one. These integrated air purifiers can save your extra expenditures, but make sure which technology they are using for air filtration. The best way to look for efficient and multiple best air purifier for smoke is to visit multi vendor websites such as

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